What is a Community Organizing Credit Union?

We are closer than you think to starting Wisconsin’s newest credit union.

We are not just creating any kind of credit union, however, we are creating a Community Organizing Credit Union.  A community organizing credit union will provide financial services, help foster new cooperatives, and organize our community to stand up to the banksters and Wall Street.

As a community organizing credit union, we will work to create economic democracy: the idea that workers and communities that create wealth should decided how that wealth is used.

We are the first to call ourselves a community organizing credit union, but not the first to practice it.

While forming the United Farm Workers, Cesar Chavez also helped to found the Farm Worker Credit Union.  This credit union helped farm workers with loans to survive the winter months with no pay, and helped finance the strikes lead by Chavez.  Check out a great essay about the Farm Worker Credit Union here.

Closer to home, Stoppenbach Credit Union in Jefferson, Wisconsin helped the workers of Tyson Prepared Foods, UFCW Local 538, when they went on strike in the early 2000s.

Here in Milwaukee, we can use our credit union to achieve the change we need.  

Please check out the articles below for more information about how Chavez and others use a credit union to organize:

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Malcriado Article Feb. 1969

When you are done being inspired by Chavez, please visit our Volunteer! page to get involved.  If we don’t do anything, nothing will change.