Eight years ago, the bankers crashed our economy.  The bankers are doing fine, but the rest of us are still suffering.  It is time for us to create an economy that works for us!  We need to reject the banker-run economy for an economy that is democratic, sustainable, and just.

To do this we need to challenge the bankers directly by forming our own financial institution, a credit union.

Residents, leaders, activists, and all sorts of people in Harambee and Riverwest are coming together to create a credit union that will serve us.  Feel free to contact us at any time.

We are creating New Economy Credit Union.  This effort was formerly called the Riverwest & Harambee Credit Union.  You can find out why we did that here.

We aim to create a credit union for Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s 53212 zip code.  Specifically, we may be open to anyone who lives, works attends school, or worships in the 53212 zip code, is a member of a cooperative business,  headquartered here, or participates in a poverty-alleviation program here.

This effort stems out of a desire to see a financial institution for our neighborhood, created by our neighborhood.  A lot of us have been waiting for an organization that will help us transform the way our economy works, and the credit union is one way that we can achieve that.

We are starting a Community Organizing Credit Union, which will provide financial services, help foster new cooperatives, and organize our community to stand up to the banksters and Wall Street.

The leadership of this effort is made up an Organizing Committee, which is made up of individuals from all over the 53212 zip code who want to help make change.  You can be a part of this as well!  Join our effort today!

We are sponsored by the Riverwest Cooperative Alliance (rca.coop).