Lehman Brothers Day

Almost eight years ago to the day, the financial giant Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy.  What has changed in our economy since?  After the September 15, 2008 declaration of bankruptcy we had major job losses – some of which we’ve bounced back from.  But the fundamentals – an economy of, by and for the richest 1% – have stayed the same.

The banksters at the top gambled and lost, and the rest of us paid for it.

To change the fundamentals and stop the reckless behavior that got us into this mess, we need a democratic and cooperative economy.  When communities and workers create wealth, they should decide how that wealth is used – not some shareholder or fatcat.  We are doing a part to make this happen here in Harambee and Riverwest.   That is why this effort is so important – opening this new credit union will be a statement to the banksters, Wall Street, and the richest 1% that we are fed up!

Join us today!

Let’s take back our Economy!


Sisters and Brothers – eight years ago, the banksters crashed our economy.  The bankers are doing fine, but the rest of us are still suffering.  It is time for us to create an economy that works for us!  We need to reject the banker-run economy for an economy that is democratic, sustainable, and just.

To do this we need to challenge the bankers directly by forming our own financial institution, a credit union.

This is the website for the Riverwest and Harambee Credit Union Organizing Committee, the group starting a new credit union that will serve the 53212 zip code of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  We are starting a basic services, Community Organizing Credit Union.

Scroll down or click a link to the right for more information.

Please contact us to get involved!

Keeping our money Safe . . .


Happy Saturday, 53212! Last week the good people over at Nick Of Time Moving brought the safe for our new credit union into Riverwest. Thank you to the person who donated garage space to our effort! One more step toward opening Wisconsin’s newest credit union.

2016 People Power! Summer is launched


Good Afternoon!  On June 5, Evan and Silvia meet with Alex to learn more about our effort and pledge to volunteer this summer!  Both Evan and Silvia are contributing significant amounts of time per week to make our effort a success!

The PEOPLE POWER Summer starts soon

Good Afternoon, Sisters and Brothers:

We will be starting our 2016 PEOPLE POWER! Summer in a week and a half!  Look for updates soon about our volunteer program, and our 2016 PEOPLE POWER superstars!  To be a part of the summer that is going to change Harambee, Riverwest, and the 53212 ZIP Code, please contact us today.