You can be a crucial part of this credit union launch.  Or you can take one small step and bring this closer to becoming a reality.  Either way, if we don’t do anything, nothing will change.

We need help from people from all walks of life and all abilities!

To volunteer, call Alex Brower at 414-949-8756, or email neweconomycu@gmail.com.

Bring your skills to the table to help out!  Volunteers can help in several ways:

  • Knock on doors – we have an ambitions goal of knocking on every door in Riverwest and Harambee.  Be a part of this.  This a good role for a social person, or a person who wants to improve their people skills.
  • Help with data entry – we have spreadsheets on top of spreadsheets, and we need help keeping track of every person who wants to be a member.
  • help us raise money – do you like throwing fundraisers, or are you just waiting to call all your friends and ask for a donation?  Well, we need you to help us raise some money.  Check out our donation page for more information.
  • Talk to your friends or host a house party– we need lots of people involved and aware of our efforts.  Sign up now to tell all your friends about this great project.
  • Help with our online presence – yes, even this great website needs tweaking.
  • And that is not all, make sure to call Alex Brower (414-949-8756) to get involved!

Volunteer with us today!